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Woodle³ | Device stand

Minimalistic wooden device cradle charger.

Woodle³ (Woodle Cube) is the name of small project I have stared in 2014. My father became good with woodcarving so we decided to join forces and try to make something practical for change. He was making longbows.

Product Name

The idea was to stay as simple as it gets but it needed to be recognizable at glance. Since it is basically an wooden cube, I tried to say exactly that, but with a twist! If you try to say wooden cube fast, that will sound like "Woodle". Number 3 on the side represents "cube", off course.

Woodle3 Guide


LG G3 smartphone on Woodle³

LG G3 smartphone on Woodle³

Since my daily job is UI&UX designer, smartphones and tablets are my tools, and since I have the opportunity to use many different variations of those tools, I have decided to design something that will help me do my day job even better. Being exposed to different types of devices, led to the conclusion that I will need one stand that can be used with any device, so, I started measuring width of all those devices, especially fat ones. Based on those measurments, we have created first prototype of the Woodle³, a small cube that worked with few smartphones, but tablets, like iPad, would fell out of from the stand.

Other problem was with cables. If you own smartphone, and you are the ordinary user, you have received one cable when you purchased your phone, and that is it. But if you are developer for Android or iOS platform, than you have bought better faster and stronger cables. Woodle³ job was to handle all those different variations perfectly, even the bootleg ones, produced in China.

After may different prototypes, measures and sizes, we have come up with ultimate phone/tablet stand. Plus, that stand was able to be used with any USB cable.

Laser carvings on the back of the cube

Laser carvings on the back of the cube



Leitmotiv of the entire project was minimalism in its purest form and Dieter Rams approach to product design, and the design in global. I wanted to create something that will be, on one side,  totally minimal and striped from everything unnecessary, but still have function that will make life easier for a large group of people. It was important that logo reflect that attitude.

Logo has to stay simple. Any modification to it will be considered over-designing, so it was just a matter of choosing prefect font, Gotham Black won. With font like this, there is no need for mambo jumbo, white space between letters and few minor correction on letter size and juxtapose of the composition, and Voila!

Woodle ³ Icon



Box needs to reflect what is inside, that is why box is made of the 3 layer cardboard without top finish.

Woodle³ can be purchased @ Etsy.com