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Dib Hotels | Web app

DIB Hotel is an app that allows its users to book a hotel room by setting their own prices. Some pieces of research suggest that the share of booked rooms is as low as 60%, which means that 40% of all hotel rooms remains unbooked. However, hotels don’t want to lower their prices since it would hurt their brand, but they are willing to negotiate if it would mean that they would profit from using unbooked rooms. This is how the founders of this app came up with the idea of creating DIB Hotel. It was founded in 2015 in Stockholm, Sweden. DIB Hotel app allows its users to set prices to book a hotel room. The user sets hotel preferences (city, dates, rooms and rating) and sends a bid. The bid is automatically sent to all hotels that match the user’s preferences and the first hotel that accepts the user’s bid wins that user. This way only that user can see the hotel brand, and it remains protected.