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Best websites with engaging User Experiences in 2017

Part of my daily routine involves following the best things that happen in web design. This is my list of the best web experiences that have emerged in 2017.


Thymia’s goal is to create an image of your daily mood. You will be asked to answer a series of audio questions about your day and depending on your answers — the algorithm will create a 3D object and the color scheme that you can share with the whole world. The interface is very minimal and quite intuitive, and it will guide you through the entire process.

This experience is designed by four students from Paris.


Andre Ribeiro is a Brazilian-born designer living in Brooklyn, New York. He is also a design team lead at Squarespace. This is his portfolio website, and it is a sleek masterpiece that has a distinct Squarespace feeling to it.

Ribeiro gently guides us through his portfolio by introducing a timer on a landing page. You don’t have to scroll or do anything, but you can still interact with every piece on the page. Very smooth and engaging experience.


(un)trafficked is a story of a 13-year-old girl from India that gets pulled into the world of human trafficking. Illustrations and animations, as well as sounds, are wonderfully made and a gaming system with a limited number of lives will make you instantly care about this girl’s life. I loved everything about this digital experience, from character naming to the actual cause.


Basically, it is a commercial for the Unreal chocolate. Its created as a simple browser game. You will be placed in the cockpit of a spaceship and the voice from the intercom will guide you. It’s well-made, with witty animation and in-between videos and even better comments from your commander. Don’t try this at work.


Vide Infra is digital agency from Russia. This website is their online showcase and it is simply exquisite. They combined full-page photography with beautiful typography and the entire experience is quite intuitive. Their attention to the detail is impeccable and the design here is what it should be: a gentle wrapping for the quality content. Yes, they used the most of the last year’s trends, and they used them nicely.


You are what you stream. Uncovering your music listening habits. You have to be a Spotify user to experience this. This web experience will show you your listening habits with scientific precision. From simple stuff, like who are your top artists, to comparison of energy, valence, and tempo in your tracks. It will also give you tons of sweet statistics about your habits, and it will place a real number on your diversity. All of this is presented in a well-designed, minimal environment.


Phoenix Creative Studio Showcase is one of the best showcase presentation that I have seen in a long time. Nice bold typography, minimalistic interface and usage of images makes me wish that every website is built like this. Just click and enjoy.


This is my personal favorite and probably the best one in the past year — the Adidas website about the new type of shoes. It’s modern, it is bold, and it has a scent of brutalism to it. Every detail is designed with care, from icons and font to 3D interactive content.


Actual International Committee of Red Cross project will show you how countries behave and act on important issues when it comes to Red Cross involvement. You will be introduced to the few critical questions and then you will see how countries responses defer from your answer. In return, you will receive medals for your progress. Gamification of this experience will pull you in and make you answer everything. This can really be an eye-opener for some people.

You probably have your own “the best of” list. Let me know in the comments below if I have missed something.