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Books of Impressions

As per usual since 2000, the citizens of Novi Sad and their guests rejoice at the end of each summer with the Street Musicians Festival, which brings the most diverse artists from the international and local scene to the city streets.

The festival does not only welcome artists whose street performances are their way of life, but authors who wish to assert their art through their desire and ambition. The idea not to divide artists between “street” and “established” arrives from our belief that art always belongs to the streets, regardless of the phase it is going through.

That is where the Propaganda Department comes in!

In collaboration with Scenatoria group, we have arranged a Commentary Book on the streets of Petrovaradin. The idea is to give visitors a way to express their feelings toward festival and it exhibitions, concerts, performances...
This is a set of stickers that people will use to show their opinion, from "This Sucks Ass" sticker to "Environment-Friendly" one. Everything goes and all opinion matters.

This permanent exhibition will be available to visitors on Friday and Saturday at Belgrade Street, as part of the project by Scenatoria “Initiate Change, Be the Change!” at this year’s Street Musicians Festival.

Express yourself on 16th. Street MusiciansFestival in Novi Sad and pick some free stickers made specially for this event by Propaganda Department.