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Trust the media

"Trust the Media" design is inspired by few things that sculpted pop culture itself. The message came straight from the 1988 "They Live" movie. Messages shown on the walls, TV and in the papers in that film are so straight to the point that is almost rude.

Advertising is doing everything to create a subliminal and more approachable message, so we are used to that. It is almost like a second skin; we are expecting that information are going to be hidden, wrapped up in some more digestible form.
In a grand scheme of things, it is same. It doesn't matter how you are saying something it is what people are thinking you are saying.
The same thing is happening here. People will see the message "Trust the Media" and most will get it as a joke, but 6% of American's (study shows) will say " ...but I do trust the media". There is always some people that will not find things like this to be ironic. 6% of American's is a small percentage, but that is a significant number of human beings that will obey everything that is said on television. Living in a beautiful obedience... This mindless obedience is a dangerous thing.

Hands that are pulling those strings are an archetypal way to show that TV is manipulated in some way. This will hopefully turn few of those six percenters, planting a seed of doubt in their minds.

The most disturbing fact is that 12 million Americans believe Lizard people (Reptilians) run their country. This is a tribute to their conspiracy theory.