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Akamaru Monogatari | Animated movie

Animated history of Japan

Movie tells a story about Japanese history, beginning with wars in 1600 AD. Starting with Japanese civil wars and the falling of Shogunate, after which comes the period of Japanese attacks on Russia and China, through the period of Great War and World War II. To this point the movie is made like a documentary, but after that it becomes a fiction. Japan prospers for the greater good of the mankind to the point when Earth is attacked by an alien force. Japan, trained for war, is the only one who can stand in the way of this much advanced war civilization. This is the time when they activate their robots, to fight against alien threat.


To set the mood of the film I used traditional Japanese prints (in the first part of the movie) and music is planned to be traditional gagaku and bigaku music which is a particular note of that period. In the second segment of the film (Great War and WWII) I used combination of interpreted real life film and propaganda movies from that period, but I never used any films except animations I made. In the final part of the movie I used modern Japanese anime and mange style from the comics and Japanese animated films, making it look modern and fast. Music in this ending part is Hip-Hop, but there is a music theme that is a basic for all music made especially for the film.





Music Theme Composer

Sound Effects

Epilogue Music

Intro Song

Vladan Ostojic

Dusan Brkovic

Jovan Obradovic Spira & Marjan Stancic Terrabeats

Red Union

Akamaru monogatari LYRICS

They learned to fight
Since the beginning of time
Using their might
Descending higher and high
Now it is time for the red sun to rise
to stop the alien treating flight

Soshite Akamaru no monogatari (wa) tsuzuku
Wakusei no ue de mezameta
Akamaru no moto
Soko ni futari no basho (wa) nai

released July 10, 2009




Marketing coverage started with an online pre-movie selling of T-shirts, which are sold through Berlin based firm called Allmightys.com This design won second price on the Allmightys.comt-shirt competition MechTech. 

One Euro from every T-shirt sold went to the Children Village Organization which is the organization for children without parents.


kamikaze ribbon


On July 11. 2009. world premiere of Akamaru monogatari movie happened at Cinema City Cafe del Danube at EXIT festival in Novi Sad, Serbia. Everyone received a free gift: limited edition Akamaru monogatari kamikaze ribbon!

Red Union performing Live in CK13.
Lead vocalist Daško is wearing Akamaru monogatari limited edition kamikaze ribbon.




After EXIT 2009 premiere of the movie, first public screening was held on September 10. 2009. in CK13 youth center. 
Limited edition DVD's were sold at this venue.