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Miroslav Kostic



Working class hero, illustrator, motion and graphic designer.

Every design piece needs to have a purpose, to communicate the core functionality in the most efficient way. I try to keep everything simple, in the right place and useful above else.

While I work, I seek for the best way to present the message most clearly. I believe in clear, minimal design that doesn’t confuse and distract the intended audience. The design form, the concept itself needs to follow the goal and content, to be easily understood.


After finished high school for graphic design as technician of graphic design and propaganda, I applied at the Academy of Art in Novi Sad, where I graduated at graphic communications department.

I consider myself multidisciplinary in approach to design, always researching and experimenting with new technologies.

Wide range of expertise. Worked on animated movies, book illustrations, online game design, movie storyboards... Currently focused on web and user experience design.



2000 - 2004, Academy of Art, Novi Sad

Department: Graphic Communications

Degree: Graphic Designer

1996 - 2000, School for graphic design Bogdan Suput, Novi Sad

Degree: Technician of graphic design and propaganda



  • Counterpath, Canada
  • Cozy Games Ltd., United Kingdom
  • The Match House, United States
  • Segeltorp Craft & Data, Sweden
  • Fanatic Studio, India
  • NIS, Serbia
  • Fyrverkeri Giganten, Norway



Stories on Cards | Didactic Game

  • 2006. Best Toy, Award for Preserving the Folks Tradition, Serbia

New visual identity for Gallery of the Matica Srpska

  • -2006. New visual identity for Gallery of the Matica Srpska, exhibition (third prize), Serbia